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Our Food Is:

  • handmade in Langley, BC using high quality, human consumption grade meats and vegetables
    • Please note that Tripe is not labeled human consumption grade as it is unbleached (green) tripe (but unbleached is better for the dogs)
  • Made with meats and vegetables from BC and Alberta
  • pre-portioned into convenient, snap-apart, 1/4 lb cubes
  • independently laboratory tested for quality, consistency, and nutritional content to ensure that food meets and exceeds all pet food standards
  • environmentally conscious packaging

All of the Happy Dogs Complete Nutrition Blends were specially formulated by a certified canine nutritionist to have everything in it that your dog needs to live a healthy life.

We also test our food for salmonella and E. coli regularly and we are proud to say that Happy Dogs Raw Food has tested Negative for both, every single time.

 For more information visit our “About our Food” Page!

hd_beefBeef Complete Nutrition 

with Chicken

bcnOur beef is top quality!  Its nice and meaty and when thawed, there’s hardly a puddle because our beef is muscle MEAT, not trim and its not full of blood.

Ingredients: 60% beef muscle meat, 10% beef liver, 20% chicken (bone in), eggs, pumpkin, apples, banana, molasses, apple cider vinegar, parsley flakes, sunflower oil, MSM, & Glucosamine.

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis: Protein 14.6% min, fat 12.4% min, moisture 68.9%, Fibre 1.4%, 

Chicken Complete Nutrition Blend

HD Chicken Complete 31lb PRINT

chicken-1Always a classic, our Chicken Complete Nutrition blend will sure to have your dog jumping for joy in no time! 

Ingredients: ground whole chicken (bone in), beef liver, eggs, carrots, molasses, apple cider vinegar, parsley flakes, sunflower oil, garlic, MSM & Glucosamine

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis: Protein 15.8% min, fat 12.0% min, moisture 64.0%, Fibre 0.5%, calcium: phosphorus ratio 2:1

Plain ground chicken, with bone-inHD Plain Chicken 31lb PRINT

That’s right, its just plain ground chicken, bones and all. High meat content with no extra added skin or bones.

Turkey Complete Nutrition Blend

HD Turkey Complete 31lb PRINTIn general, turkey meat tends to be more lean and slightly more digestible than some other proteins so it’s a good option for dogs with weight or digestive issues.  We have also  noticed that a lot of dogs with skin allergies do better on Turkey.

Ingredients: ground whole turkey (bone in), beef liver, eggs, carrots, molasses, apple cider vinegar, parsley flakes, sunflower oil, garlic, MSM & Glucosamine

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis: Protein: min 14.5%, Fat: min 12.0%, Moisture: min 61.0%, Fibre: min 0.37%, calcium: phosphorus ratio 2:1


Lamb and Turkey Complete Nutrition Blend!

HD Lamb Turkey Complete 31lb PRINT-page-001Ingredients: 60% ground lamb meat, 25% ground whole turkey (bone in), 15% (beef liver, eggs, carrots, molasses, apple cider vinegar, parsley flakes, sunflower oil, MSM & Glucosamine)

This blend is made specially as a hypoallergenic food for dogs with food allergies.  Both Lamb and Turkey are generally “allergy-dog friendly” meats.  Our lamb is premium meat cuts, human consumption graded (of course) and your dog will LOVE it!

Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis: Protein 15.0% min, fat 15.0% min, moisture 62.0%, Fibre 0.35%

Tripe And Chicken

HD Tripe Chicken 31lb PRINTIngredients: 50% green beef tripe, 50% whole chicken

Analysis: protein 17% min, fat 11.3% min, moisture 66%, fibre 0.37%

Tripe is the delicacy of the dog world!   It is easily digested, full of nutrients and many dogs who are suffering from digestive or other ailments do VERY well on tripe!  The downside to tripe, its stinks to our noses, especially when fresh (dogs, however, think it smells fantastic!).  If you’re a little sensitive to the smell, just feed it frozen.

Please note: Green Beef tripe is unable to be listed as human consumption, because it is unbleached. Unbleached meat is better for our dogs though!


Turkey Necks

Whole, fresh, 100% Canadian turkey necks for your dog’s enjoyment!

Lou eating rib boneMeaty Beef Rib Bones

Our 100% Canadian meaty beef rib bones are fresh and meaty for your dog’s enjoyment! 

Beef Marrow Bones

Our marrow bones are 100% Canadian and come from human consumption grade, non-medicated bovine to provide a fresh and long lasting chew for your dog’s enjoyment!

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